Neal/Emma for ilovehertjes

Peeta/Katniss for athousandxmilesaway

Tony/Michelle for magical1517

Robin/Regina for LoveItWhenUsmile

Noah/Allie for Serendipity.

Brandon/Callie for angelxproductions

Sebastian/Carrie for Stina Oedegaard

Jack/Rose for whatiloveaboutyou

Sophie Turner has a crush on Dan Smith. (x)

              “Do you remember that cave? We should have stayed in that cave.”

                                                    We’ll go back there.

                                         “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”


at work last week i was ringing up this guys order and when he signed i was trying to read his signature and i was like “is your last name Duck?” and he got really nervous and he was like “oh nobodys ever uhh noticed before…. i signed it as donald duck i always sign as donald duck im sorry”

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Brallie’s 1st and latest kiss

1x10 and 2x10


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